Don’t let your kids out of the house to buy a new vehicle until you have them watch Auto Sales Secrets Exposed video series. They could lose $3,000 or more just like I did on my first vehicle purchase.

I almost lost another $3,000 on my second vehicle purchase, but luckily, I had a friend in the banking business who steered me in the right direction to turn the deal around within the 72 hour time limit I had after I made the purchase.

Many shady car sales people don’t care about you or your kids financial state. They will stick em hard with the largest payment they can get just to earn a hefty commission, and your kids will never know what happened without this education.

After I sold cars for three months, I learned all of the tricks and saw how the dealership worked behind the scenes. Believe me, it ain’t pretty and it happens all the time. I’ve witnessed the shady tactics many times at several dealerships in different states.

I later learned that losing $3,000 really cost me more than $20,000. That’s money I could have had for a rainy day, for one of those inevitable financial hits like when my transmission went out and I needed $1,200 instantly.

You will be doing your kids one heck of a favor if you get them educated on buying vehicles.

Don’t miss this video series that exposes the dirty tricks shady auto sales people don’t want you to know.

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