You will receive one final email containing the download link for the free ebook, Six Figure Blogging Secrets, and also the secret registration link to see the Auto Sales Secrets Exposed video series.

When you get that email, click on the ‘DOWNLOAD” link to get your free ebook. Save the ebook in a file on your computer where you will know how to find it easily. Then, unzip the file by right clicking on the zipped file and then click on “Extract Here” in the drop down menu. Once extracted, double click the unzipped PDF ebook file to read the ebook. The ebook will open in a PDF format. All files are safe to download from this computer.

You will also need to click on the “SECRET REGISTRATION LINK” to open up the page where you will register for access to the video series. Registration is simple and this will always be free with no strings attached. When you register a username on the registration page, you will receive another email with an auto generated password to enter where the videos are located.

SPECIAL NOTE: Be sure to save your user name and password after you register, for later access to the video series. You will also want to bookmark the Registration/Login page.

Please pass the good news along by giving your friends and family the main site link,

If you have a Facebook account, make an announcement on your wall about this video series. You could also Tweet the site link.

People will appreciate you reaching out to help, especially when they save a lot of money from the cool tips they will learn.

If you have kids, make sure they learn this process. I got ripped off on my first vehicle and it cost me $3,000. That’s a lot of money.

Be sure to send us your car buying stories and success stories to post on the blog. Use the “Contact” link to send us your stories. You can really help by reaching out with your experiences.

Kindest regards,

Dave Drew

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