I am here to help you save thousands of dollars by avoiding trading in your old vehicle to the dealership even if you think they are offering you the deal of a lifetime. This information will save you so much money, you will be blown away.

When you trade in your vehicle to the dealership, they will more than likely offer you more than $2,000 less than what it’s worth, even if your vehicle is only worth $3,000.

It’s so much better if you can sell your used vehicle yourself and it’s easier than you think.

It’s so simple to sell your own vehicle.

Just follow these steps and nothing else. If you are doing anything else, you are wasting your time.

1. Clean your vehicle inside and out. I’m talking about spotless, as much as you can. Use Q-Tips in all the cracks.
2. Replace the floor mats.
3. Put a picture ad in one of those local auto traders you find on Circle K stores. The only cost a few bucks.
4. Park your car in a high traffic area if you can get away with it. But, be careful where you park. There are towing laws almost everywhere now.
5. Put picture ads on Craigslist.

Be patient and if someone tries to low ball you, just say no to the offer and be patient.

Do research on your vehicle price by looking in any auto blue book price guide.

That’s it. There really is nothing to it.

For only a couple hours of work, you will add $2,000 more cash in your pocket than if you trade that vehicle to a dealership who will turn around and sell it for that profit you gave away. What would you do for $2,000 in two hours time?

If you try this one time and you see how much you save, you won’t be able to thank me enough. I’m going to put at least $2,000 in your pocket on one deal and that $2,000 will be worth a ton more over time. Watch the video I put together below on how much more you will save.

Below are stats on how much you really lose when you get ripped off:

$3,000 loss from being ripped off buying your first new car at age 20

That would be 62.50 per month for four years = $3,000

Annual yield at 10 percent in a mutual fund after 4 years is $3,670.

Let the $3,670 balance sit for another 16 years with no more deposits
at a 10 percent return.

At age 40 you would have $18,057

At age 50 you would have $48,882

At age 60 you would have $132,326

and at age 70 you would have $358,214

Even at an 8 percent return you would lose a chunk of change:

at age 40 you would have $13,143 at 8 percent

at age 50 you would have $29,174 at an 8 percent

at age 60 you would have $64,756 at 8 percent

and at age 70 you would have $143,736

Now check this out … some mutual funds get a 12 percent return or better.

These figures are at 12 percent return

at age 40 you would have $24,795 at 12 percent

at age 50 you would have $81,834 at an 12 percent

at age 60 you would have $270,084 at 12 percent

and at age 70 you would have $891,383

Even if you had a poor performing mutual fund and only got a 6 percent return you would still have:

$9,562 at age 40

$17397 at age 50

$31652 at age 60

and $57,588 at age 70


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