If you think it’s not possible to lose $891,383 on your first vehicle purchase, watch the video below to see how much money you will lose when buying your first vehicle if you don’t learn how the game is played. You might be shocked when you see the future values of such a small investment.

People struggle financially because they don’t set rules in place for their money. They brush off a few bucks here and a few there but they don’t have any idea how much money they actually throw away.

Learn as much about saving money as possible from 3652sx.com and then plan for those future, inevitable financial hits.

Video – How To Lose $891,383 Dollars On Your First Vehicle Purchase

The total numbers in the video below are ballpark numbers and will vary depending on the calculator you use. I used other calculators and ended up with slightly different amounts.

After watching the video below, just imagine the increased amount of savings if you avoided purchasing two vehicles in your lifetime because you held on to your vehicles longer, and if you bought one-year-old instead of new. Your money saved would be in the millions by the time you retire if you started investing early enough.

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