Everyone has a car buying story, or nightmare with buying a new vehicle, and if you don’t yet, you will sooner or later. I’d like to help you avoid any nightmare if at all possible and you can by watching the Auto Sales Secrets Exposed video series.

If you already have a story you would like to share with the world about your experience of buying a new vehicle from a shady salesperson, you are more than welcome to share your experience right here. All you’ll have to do is email me your detailed story about your experience and I will post it for everyone to read.

Writing about your nightmare with buying a new vehicle can actually help you, believe it or not. It always helps to write about issues. Your stories will help other people too.

Use the “Contact” link to send your vehicle purchasing stories. Your stories only need to be 200 to 300 words long, but if you are long winded, that’s okay.

If you want your name in the byline, you will need to let me know.

Be sure to also include any images, videos or other links you would like displayed with your story.

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